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Sending Missionaries

A teacher and a student meet in an office.
A student and teacher meeting

We send missionary teachers to small villages in Africa to get so involved in the lives of their students that sharing the Gospel is the natural result of loving them. Since 2005 we have sent over 230 missionaries to serve for a summer, a year or longer at one of our schools.

We send missionaries to teach English because most students in villages speak little or no English before entering high school, which means no matter how intelligent they are or how hard they study, they have little realistic chance of succeeding. Having a native English speaker teach them gives them the language skills they need to understand all of their other classes. 

Our model for ministry is an attempt to follow the example Jesus set for us through His incarnation. Jesus gave up the privilege, power and glory of heaven, humbled Himself and came to live at the very bottom of human society. We ask that those who come to serve with us be willing to go through a similar process of humbling themselves, and to embrace the idea of voluntarily choosing to live at the same standard of living as the people they are serving.

While visiting a village in East Africa for a day or two might be seen as an interesting and enlightening adventure, coming and living in a village for a semester or a year, in a very real sense, requires a call from God. What we have seen over the last 18 years through the missionaries who have come to serve with us is that the process of making yourself to be poor and living at the same standard of living as your fellow teachers enables you to build much deeper relationships with those you are serving. Being a missionary teacher is not an 8-3 job; it is a lifestyle. We are looking for people who will spend afternoons and weekends with their students to build genuine relationships with them.

Those who have come to serve with us have been instrumental in helping thousands of students get a quality education in Tanzania. They have also helped create a unique school culture. As we expand into Malawi, Zambia and Uganda we see a tremendous opportunity to teach our students, share the Gospel and be a part of creating a similar culture of service, sacrifice and humility in these new schools which will help shape the future of Village Schools in these countries.

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