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Village Schools

We ask each person who wants to join us to prayerfully consider which of our programs they feel called to support.
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School Construction
People make bricks and haul foundation stones. Our construction fund is used to buy the metal roofing and the cement that turn their hard work into a school.
Scholarship Fund
We provide large scholarships to girls from villages who come to one of our schools. We also provide help to those with particular needs. We never turn anyone away.
Leadership College
Our college in central Tanzania provides an education that is empowering, transforming and practical. We are building a second college in western Tanzania.
Benevolence Fund
Our HIV/AIDS Community Treatment Center was built and is run by our former students, and today serves more than 1,200 people in villages in central Tanzania.
General and Strategic Initiative Fund
We seek to provide the best education we can to every student who comes to one of our schools. Our strategic initiative fund gives us flexibility and helps us do that.
Missionary Teachers
Our missionary teachers raise their own support when they volunteer with us. Our commitment is to live as simply as possible in the villages where we serve.
International Teams
Graduates of our leadership college in Tanzania play a strategic role in expanding Village Schools into the countries of Malawi, Zambia, Uganda and Kenya.

Capacity Building
Our capacity building fund is used to purchase everything from laptops to dump trucks so people in villages can do more work and do it faster.

Donate by Mail
You can send a check to:
Village Schools International
Box 11635
Spring, TX 77391
If you print out the PDF version of the donation slip, you can
designate how you would like your donation used.
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