Sichowe Secondary School

Sichowe Secondary School is located in the village of Lyapona in the Rukwa region. It is being built by the people of 4 villages working together. When the school first opened in January 2011, classes were held in the multi-purpose building, but soon after that they finished roofing their classrooms and the nearly 100 students were able to start studying in their own classrooms.

What all of these students have in common is that they weren’t chosen to attend a government secondary school. A year of studying English will enable them, like all of the other over 8000 students studying in our VST schools, to excel in secondary school and actually out-perform students in cities and the few from villages who were chosen to attend a government school. We provide not only English, but by creating a school where discipline reigns and where everyone is focused on learning, we give our students an excellent “second chance” and prepare them for a bright future.

These students and their parents have completed the building of 4 classrooms, a science lab building, one house for teachers and a large administration building that has offices for teachers, a library room and an assembly hall. They are currently making bricks hoping to build an additional two classrooms and one more teacher house before the end of the year.