Ntumbe Secondary School

Ntumbe Secondary School, located in the village of Ntumbe in the Rukwa region, is very near the Zambian border. It is being built as a cooperative project of 4 villages working together. Its somewhat remote location has presented us with significant challenges as we have tried to transport construction materials to the village. Our dump trucks, once they have made it to the village, have however been very useful to the people of Ntumbe, helping them to transport foundation stones, sand and the bricks that they have burnt.

Classes officially started in April 2011 with almost 100 students studying English. Nine months of intensive study prepared them well to begin their secondary school studies in January 2012. They have worked with their parents to build four classrooms, a science lab building, a teacher house, and a large administration building containing offices, a library, and an assembly hall -- sufficient to already get their school officially registered and accredited.