Ninga Secondary School

The construction of Ninga Secondary School was supervised by Noeli, who did such a good job of mobilizing people to build that school and who was so well liked and admired by people that he was put in charge of overseeing the on-going building programs at our 8 schools in the Rukwa region.

Today Ninga has 6 classrooms, a science lab building, one teacher house, as well as an administration building with offices, a library and an assembly hall. Students are working together with their teachers to build this year an additional two teacher houses this year. Currently we have more than 100 students enrolled with hopes of having double that number in school when students finish primary school in September and join our school to begin studying English.

Although water projects have succeeded in most of our schools by taking advantage of the unique geographical features in each village, we were for the longest time stymied in Ninga. On a trip that Godfrey and Emmaneuli made in March 2011, however, they discovered a clever way of pumping water from a spring not too far from the school into a cistern from which water could then gravity feed back to the school. Water, of course, is essential to keeping a school clean and students and teachers healthy – but having it in large quantities also makes it possible to make bricks and to build quickly additional classrooms. Students in our schools are involved in a variety of community development projects, but none come close to having the impact that a water project can have!