Mpanzi Secondary School

Mpanzi Secondary School is one of the 8 schools we have opened in the Rukwa region as a result of one man’s efforts to hold town meetings with people throughout the area. While his message that schools could be built by people themselves, and that we would be ready to partner with villages willing to work and work hard, was not received in every village, it was particularly very well received in the village of Myunga. The people of that village, together with the people of 4 neighboring villages, built four classrooms, a science laboratory building, a house for teachers, and a multi-purpose building (containing offices, a library, and an assembly hall) with such speed that we have already been able to open their school. Today we have over 150 students studying -- none of whom would have otherwise had the opportunity to go to school.

The young man who organized the building of Mpanzi Secondary School comes from the village of Kazovu, a fishing community on the shores of Lake Tanganyika, a hundred miles a way from Myunga. Francis was one of the few young people in his village whose father believed enough in the importance of education to send him far away to school and it was at Makuzani Secondary School (the school Steve and Susan founded when they fled from the war in Congo) that Francis learned of Village Schools Tanzania. He returned to his home village of Kazovu, convinced the whole village to involve themselves in building a school there, and then he told the leaders of VST that he was willing to go to any other village in the country where people were also interested in building a school. And so for the last two years he has lived with the people of the village of Myunga and worked with them to build this school. He'll be leaving soon to head up the building project in the village of Minkonko in that same region of Rukwa.