Memya Secondary School

Memya Secondary School

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After hearing stories of how VSI had worked with communities in the Iringa, Ruvuma and Mbeya regions to build secondary schools, the people from Emmanueli Masumbuko's home village, and the 8 surrounding villages, sent word that they too wanted to partner with VSI to build a school of their own. Emmanueli had been gone from his village for nearly two years, working with Godfrey and Janerose and the other leaders of Village Schools Tanzania to give hundreds of kids in villages the chance to go to school, and now he was being asked to do the same for the kids in the area where he grew up.

The school is built on a high plateau that overlooks the village of Mpwapwa, located high in the mountains of the great Rift Valley, and is named for the mountain on the edge of the village. They have nearly 200 students currently enrolled, and as one of the VST schools with a generator, Memya Secondary School has grown into a hub for printing exams and other teachers for the other schools VST has built in the Rukwa Region.

This school is not far from Makuzani Secondary School, the school Steve and Susan Vinton founded as a community development project in the Rukwa Region after they fled from the war in Congo. That was where Godfrey Hiari, Emmanueli Masumbuko and Janerose Sauzand studied a decade ago, along with many of our Headmasters and teachers, and where their dream of starting Village Schools Tanzania began. Not far from this school, land has been given by the village of Mpwapwa so that we can begin building a leadership college which will prepare principals, project managers, teacher trainers and chaplains to serve throughout our expanding network of secondary schools in Tanzania.



Memya Students on Summer Vacation