Kising'a Secondary School

Kising'a Secondary School

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The idea to build Kising’a Secondary School was born when a young man from the village of Kising’a traveled more than 200 km to the village of Igoda to visit his sister, the wife of the director of the primary school in that village. While he was there, he saw how people in that village had built and opened Madisi Secondary School, our very first school – and he took the news of back to his village. Word spread quickly and the village decided to send five elders on a trip to see for themselves this school that had being built in Igoda, and to talk to us to see what they would have to do to get a school in their village for their children.

What they had to do, of course, was no different than what people in all of the villages we partner with have to do: they had to give the land, make the bricks, quarry the stones, haul the sand and carry the water, and then to work very hard with us to turn all of those materials into classrooms. At the town meeting we held in the village of Kising’a in May 2005, students from the primary school ceremoniously brought the first foundation stones, carrying them on their heads, throwing them down at the feet of the village leaders and promising that if their parents weren’t ready to carry the stones, that they themselves would. That proved not to be necessary at all, as the people of Kising’a threw themselves into this work with great enthusiasm, and met their goal of getting their school open for their children before Christmas 2005. Our third school in Tanzania opened its doors on December 11, 2005, giving kids in this remote village who would otherwise never get the chance to go to school the opportunity to study.

Although every one of the villages we partner with is beautiful in its own way, there is no doubt that there is exceptional beauty in the village of Kising’a, spread out on a series of heavily wooded hills. The school has been built with beautiful red brick and is located on a flat plateau surrounded by beautiful trees.

In 2010, the first students graduated from Kising’a Secondary School – 76 young people in all -- many of whom have already come back to help us to teach our English course at our other schools. Students are currently working on a project to bring water from a mountain stream 7 kilometers away so that they will have water at their school and in the homes of their teachers.