School List

School List

Madisi Secondary School

Madisi Secondary School in the village of Igoda was the very first school that we partnered with people to build.

Sawala Secondary School

Sawala is our third-largest school, with over 600 students and has graduated over 100 students, many of whom have already helped us teach English courses at 9 of our other schools.

Kising'a Secondary School

There are currently more than 200 students at Kising’a, and they are working on a large project to bring water to their school from 7 kilometers away.

Lukima Secondary School

With more than 550 students, Lukima Secondary School is one of our biggest schools, located in part of the Ruvuma region known for the huge boulders scattered throughout its mountains.

Idigima Secondary School

With well over 800 students, Idigima Secondary School is currently our largest school and has inspired two other schools being built in the area.

Memya Secondary School

Memya has nearly 200 students and is located in the village of Mpwapwa where work is now beginning to build a leadership college.

Nankanga Secondary School

Nankanga is our only school in the Rukwa Valley with its hot weather and lush vegetation.

Imauluma Secondary School

Imauluma Secondary School was built by five villages in the area where the former Minister of Education comes from and in part because of his generous contributions.

Malindindo Secondary School

Malindindo Secondary School was built near our Lukima school when it became clear that one school was not enough to meet the needs of the surrounding community.

Mtazamo Secondary School

Mtazamo Secondary School is one of the few VST schools built by a female building supervisor. She has succeeded wonderfully in coordinating the six villages working together to build this school in a more isolated area where transportation is quite difficult.

Mtinyaki Secondary School

Mtinyaki Secondary School is located in an area with a disproportionate number of orphans. The building there is currently being headed up by one of our own graduates.

Mpepo Secondary School

Mpepo Secondary School is one of our most isolated and hard to get to schools, located near the Mozambique border. The people from the 7 villages there have had to work even harder than usual to make bricks and gather other construction materials because of the geography there.

Lughano Secondary School

The area around Lughano is absolutely gorgeous, but incredibly difficult to build in. It has required incredible perseverance from the 9 villages that have worked together to build the school.

Bukimau Secondary School

Bukimau Secondary School is one of our two schools where building is currently being supervised by a woman. It is also the first school where we used our vehicles to supplement the efforts of villagers instead of just using them to bring construction materials to the village.

Longa Secondary School

Longa Secondary School was constructed by the four villages surrounding the school under the supervision of one of our former students. They now have well over 300 students.

Katunda Secondary School

Katunda Secondary School is one of the many new schools in the Rukwa region that was started as a result of the initiative one man took to go around to communities across Rukwa holding town meetings.

Kazovu Secondary School

Kazovu Secondary School is located in a small fishing village right on the beach in a beautiful cove. Kazovu is the home village of one of our former students and is on the coast of Lake Tanganyika.

Ninga Secondary School

The construction of Ninga Secondary School was supervised by Noeli, who did such a good job that he has now been put in charge of overseeing the building of all of our 8 schools in the Rukwa region.

Mpanzi Secondary School

Mpanzi Secondary School is another school that was started as a result of one man's efforts to have town meetings with people across the Rukwa region. The building supervisor, however, is our former student from the village of Kazovu who came to work for us after getting negotiations started in his own home village to build a school there.

Sichowe Secondary School

Sichowe Secondary School is our newest school and was built by people from nine villages surrounding the village of Lyapona, Rukwa. It received its first missionary teacher in 2011.

Ntumbe Secondary School

Ntumbe Secondary School is the 21st secondary school started by Village Schools Tanzania. It opened on April 4, 2011.

Taita Secondary School

Taita Secondary School (Taweta, Morogoro)

Selejele Secondary School

Selejele Secondary School, located in the village of Haraka in the region of Mbeya, opened in October 2012 and currently has its first class of 49 students enrolled.

Fingwa Secondary School

Fingwa Secondary School, located in the village of Ikozi in the Rukwa region, opened in October 2012 and currently has its first class of 74 students enrolled.

Lipaya Secondary School

Lipaya Secondary School (Lipaya, Ruvuma)

Samaria Secondary School

Samaria Secondary School, located in the village of Samaria in the region of Njombe, opened on September 16, 2013.

Shangwale Secondary School

Shangwale Secondary School (Shangwale, Mbeya)

Litetema Secondary School

Litetema Secondary School (Amanimakolo, Ruvuma)

Minkonko Secondary School

Minkonko Secondary School (Minkonko, Rukwa)

Ichesa Secondary School

Ichesa Secondary School, located in the village of Ichesa in the Mbeya region, is scheduled to open in January 2014.

Nalikukuti Secondary School

Nalikukuti Secondary School (Malawi)

Chongi Secondary School

People in the village of Soko, in the northern region of Kilimanjaro, are slowly hauling foundation stones and bricks to the site where they hope to open their school sometime in 2014.

Gidagwajeda Secondary School

Gidagwajeda Secondary School is the 34th school construction project that Village Schools has started Tanzania.