On pins and needles

At 4am this morning Emmanueli left with our "other bus" (the one that didn't have an accident!) full of children and adults from the villages around Madisi to take them to a special hospital in the capital city of Dar es Salaam that has promised to provide not only free surgeries to all of them because they are handicapped, but will also provide lodging and care for the children and their care-givers.

Better than good news

Saturday morning, Abeli finally got the legal documents allowing him to move our ruined bus from the city of Mafinga 60 miles away to the city of Makambako where we felt we had the best opportunity of having quality work done to repair Huruma after the accident. Our students have given generously of their funds, we have received so many emails with offers of help, many checks have already come in to help us, and many, many people have written to say that they were praying.

A huge quantity of coins

I have often wondered what Paul felt in his own heart when he was there amongst the Christians in the Macedonian churches, and as he puts it, "out of the most severe trial, their overflowing joy, and their extreme poverty welled up in rich generosity. For I testify that they gave as much as they were able, and even beyond their ability.

And then there was a knock at the door.

Saturday night, August 28th

Our dear old bus

All but two of those who were hospitalized have now been discharged, and those remaining two we have transferred to mission hospitals where they will be able to get more specialized attention. And now that we have taken care of the people who were hurt in the accident, it's time to start focusing on our dear old bus.

Accident Update

It's eight in the morning now; it's been a very long night for all of us here at the hospital. The 12 people (11 adults and one infant) in the worst condition have been hospitalized -- the doctors performed 5 operations during the night. We are very thankful to say that no one has died, although there is one woman who remains in particularly critical condition. Many thanks to all of you for your prayers.

Bus Accident

We ask please for your prayers because we have just received word that our bus Huruma has had a terrible accident. People are now being taken to the hospital and many appear to be seriously hurt. We are getting reports that there are many of our friends from town who have vehicles who have been ferrying people to the hospital for which we are indeed thankful. Your prayers during this long night ahead of us would be very much appreciated. Steve & Susan

Wonderful news from the neighboring country of Malawi

Last Friday by email, SMS and phone calls we got the wonderful news from the neighboring country of Malawi that the government has granted us the formal registration documents for Village Schools Malawi so that work can begin in villages in that country to build schools. The process seemed at times unending as it frustratingly dragged on month after month for almost three complete years -- and yet that only makes our rejoicing now all the sweeter.

Our schools are ruining the market for them

I could hear a baby’s laughter outside on my porch. Usually the babies on my porch are far from happy, so needless to say I was curious. Looking through the window, I saw that it was baby Badilika who was trying out his new walking legs. Yes, healthy and happy. It was a joy to see him enjoying life as a 15 month little boy. His mom greeted me as old friends and we shared the news of the village. She had come just to chat.

Look at these kids now!

Last Friday, Godfrey, Emmanueli and I -- accompanied by a friend from Ministry Spotlight who had traveled from America to visit us -- made a trip to Bukimau Secondary School. We arrived to find the school deserted - not a student in class, not a teacher on the premises. They were instead in the brick pits seven kilometers away -- part of an effort by our students and our teachers to take advantage of this dry season to make hundreds of thousands of bricks in a grand effort to build throughout our system of schools 106 more classrooms.