Donate from Canada


If you would like to participate financially, you can send a cheque to:

Village Schools Canada
Attention: Bud Arnold, Baker Tilly GWD
113 - 450 Speedvale Ave W
Guelph, Ontario N1H 7Y6

If you print out the PDF version of the donation slip, you can designate your donation for the School Construction Fund, the Student Scholarship Fund, the Benevolence Fund or the Tanzanian General Fund. You can also make a donation to support our missionary teachers as they serve in Tanzania.

Or, if you prefer, you can use your credit card to make an on-line donation by clicking one of the buttons below:



Help Build Classrooms.

Every classroom we build means 40 more kids get the chance to go to school. Their parents quarry foundation stones, make bricks, haul sand and carry water. We look for good people willing to give money to buy the metal roofing, the cement and the other construction supplies.

Over the next three years, our goal is to build 216 more classrooms.

Contribute to our Scholarship Fund.

We are committed to never turning any kid away, no matter how poor their parents are -- or whether their parents are already dead and can't help them. School fees at our schools are very low compared to other schools ($110 - $130/year depending on the country) but we still need to make a special effort to give girls a chance so we offer any girl from the village a 50% to 75% scholarship (again depending on the country) -- and we believe we have to do everything that we can to help as many of the orphaned children to stay in school as possible.

In 2020 we expect to need scholarships for nearly 7,200 kids.

Make a Donation to our Benevolence Fund.

In retrospect, it is easy now to see how we missed what AIDS was doing to people. It was, after all, only those who were still well and had enough strength to make bricks and haul stones who came out to build the schools. We never saw those who were simply too sick to work. They were dying silently in their homes. Afraid, alone, with no hope and with no help. In May 2006, we began helping a few of our neighbors to get to the nearest hospital three hours way. But we had no idea back then of the immensity of the tragedy. Today we are helping nearly 1300 people in the five villages around Madisi Secondary School.

Funds are used to provide direct aid to widows, orphans and the sick, as well as to operate our Community Treatment Center.

Give to our General Fund.

We are continually making strategic improvements to our schools. We want to ensure that there is clean, safe water for all of our students. We want to try to install generators so that there is electricity in all of our schools so our students can study at night. We want every single one of our students to have their own New Testament or Bible. We believe purchasing textbooks, science lab equipment, and laptop computers are important to helping our students get the best education possible.

Give now to our general fund for one of these special projects and contact us if you would like to get your church or your school actively involved in adopting one of these projects for a school in Africa.

Support a Missionary Teacher

All of our missionary teachers raise their own support during the time that they serve with us. Our commitment is to live as simply as possible in the villages where we serve, not only so that the bulk of the funds we raise can be used for projects in our schools, but so that we do not create any unnecessary barriers between us and our students and their families.

Over the next three years, our goal is to send an additional 36 missionary teachers to Africa to teach, particularly to the countries of Malawi and Zambia to serve in our new schools there. You may designate your support for a particular missionary or you may chose to support their group efforts.

If your school or your church would like to participate by building a classroom or organizing a fundraiser to help kids go to school, please contact us by email for details on how we can help you get organized to do this.