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Sixty thousand shillings -- it's not much more than thirty five dollars these days -- and yet, in many respects in this place and at this time, it is truly an unbelievable amount of money. It is without a doubt a tremendous amount of money for the pastor of a small congregation of believers in the little village of Taweta. A incredible amount of money for that pastor to bring to Anyisile, and together with the elders of the church, to say that we have taken up an offering and want to bring this money, as our offering unto God, for the building of the school for the children of this village.

Turning words into metal roofing

I can see myself one day much more of "an old man" than I am now, walking a bit slower than I do now, with Grace walking on my left and Little G on my right. Those two little kids will be grown up then, they'll have gone to kindergarten and primary school and secondary school, they'll be at the age when they'll be thinking about what they want to do with their lives, and I'm planning out how I'm going to call the two of them to go on a walk with me.

Back to sending me messages again

It has been nearly 72 hours without any word from Godfrey and Emmanueli. It was three days ago that I got their last rushed text message to let me know that they were beginning to descend the mountains, Yatima (our car) in the lead, Tunda (one of our dump trucks) following slowly behind. We all knew we would probably be without any contact for a long time. But then the hours dragged into a full day, then into two full days.

April Highlights from Tanzania

April 1-2: Village Schools Canada was among the mission agencies invited to participate in MissionFest, a 2-day gathering in Toronto of Christians interested in missions. Andrew Hutchinson, after serving with VSI for a year in the little village of Kising'a, returned home to Canada and founded VSC, opening the door for people in Canada to make donations for the work in Tanzania and for churches in Canada to be able to send out missionary teachers to serve in Tanzania.

March Highlights from Tanzania

March came and went with lightning speed it seemed, and yet so many good things got crammed into those 31 days.  We invite you to rejoice with us as you read through some of these highlights!

March 1:     Work began today on the foundations for our kindergarten building at Madisi.  Our goal will be to give the little kids in our village a "head start" before they start primary school -- as well as to give our Madisi students opportunities to serve in another meaningful way in their community. 

March 3:     We met

February Highlights from Tanzania

We want those of you who are interested in this work to share in a bit of the joy that we have in getting to be here! Thanks for being a part of this work with us ....


Since we launched our very first school in 2005, we have somehow always managed to have enough, or almost enough, sometimes just barely enough teachers for our schools. This has been another one of those suprising and pretty much "unexplainable" facts of life these past six years given the rather acute shortage of teachers in this country.

January Highlights

January Highlights from Tanzania

As things get busier and busier here in Tanzania, we have found that we have less time to write than we would like. But every month we would like those of you who are interested in this work to have the chance to at least hear a few of the highlights of our lives here ...

To say some nice things about my wife

Very quietly and calmly, with fanfare only in our hearts, the AIDS clinic that our students have worked so hard to build, that so many of you have given so joyfully to build, opened its doors today, all totally unexpectedly.

In the village that has decided not to give up

I haven't sat down to write even once since the new year began. Part of that has simply been that I can say in all sincerity that I haven't had really a quiet moment to collect my thoughts and to sit down at the computer and write. We went straight from the Christmas festivities to a leadership retreat with nearly 50 of our headmasters and project managers. Then another team of missionaries arrived from America, and Godfrey, Emmanueli and I have been concentrating on office work these past two weeks.