January Highlights

January Highlights

January Highlights from Tanzania

As things get busier and busier here in Tanzania, we have found that we have less time to write than we would like. But every month we would like those of you who are interested in this work to have the chance to at least hear a few of the highlights of our lives here ...

January 4: We completed our week-long leadership conference which brought together nearly 50 of our heads of schools, project supervisors and community representatives. Together, we set goals to build 106 classrooms, 45 teacher houses, 5 multi-purpose buildings, and 284 latrines in the year 2011.

January 9: Six new missionaries arrived from America and were met by Emmanueli and Jovinus who traveled with them from Dar es Salaam back to Madisi where they began their two weeks of training.

January 17: We opened Sichowe Secondary School in the village of Lyapona bringing the number of schools we have open in Tanzania up to 20.

January 21: Our Community Treatment Center opened its doors and for the first time began providing medicine and treatment to people living with HIV/AIDS in our villages.

January 23: Our new missionary teachers, having completed their training, began their travels from Madisi to the villages where they will be serving -- Nick & Kathryn to Sawala, Alison to Kimala, Sarah to Lyapona, Kristen to Ninga and Hanna to Myungu.

January 27: Students at Madisi completed a two-month long project to build a new house for two very needy people, Juma and Augustino, in the village of Mlelevwa.

January 29: Deo, a little boy with AIDS and fast-growing cataracts had gone blind and dropped out of primary school. We found him last week living with his uncle and aunt since his parents are dead. Dr. Leena helped us to find out where we could send him, a kind individual paid for his operations, and today Deo came to the door, able to see out of both of his eyes, and ready to start back at school.

January 31: While the newspapers proclaim that this was a disastrous year for students who took the national examinations, rumors are flying everywhere that the students in our VST schools did exceptionally well. We are all holding our breath until we actually have the official results in hand!