Three pictures from Tanzania

Three pictures from Tanzania

Susan just sent me these two pictures of the bus. Abeli (left) spent the last three weeks literally "sleeping with the bus" in the city of Makambako to rush the repairs along and then after all of the work was finished late Saturday evening, he drove it home to Madisi in the middle of the night. He was the one who found the owner of the bus in Makambako that was being sold for parts after its engine was totally destroyed.

Today is Monday, September 27th, and the bus is back in service transporting Susan's friends to the hospital -- with Abeli at the wheel again, making it possible for us to help hundreds of people from our villages get to the hospital for treatment.

Our bus after plastic surgery September 26 2010.JPG

We originally thought that no matter how much they tried, Huruma would return to us with many scars, permanent reminders of the accident. When we first learned that that there was a bus (identical to ours at that!) which was being sold for spare parts (because it's engine was totally ruined), Emmanueli suggested that after all was said and done that "God is Great" be painted on the back of the bus and those words would remain as our "permanent reminder" that no one was killed in the accident.

Just like New September 26 2010.JPG

The picture below is one that was taken of Godfrey inside the bus before the repair work began. That Abeli and the other passengers in the front seats were not killed will always remain a matter of great amazement and joy for all of us in Village Schools Tanzania. We do indeed have much to be thankful for!